Learn Traditional Moroccan Medicine & Become A Certified Holistic Doula

Training Dates: TBA Summer 2024

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This workshop was created by Layla.B and is based on her indigenous traditional Moroccan culture & their postpartum medicine. By completing her online course & attending the Foi en la Femme workshop, you will be certified as a Traditional Postpartum Birthworker & be able to offer holistic postpartum services to your community. In this workshop, you will gain a sister circle of like minded healers, learn how to care for new mothers using holistic methods and new self care tips to be more in tune with your body and what it needs!

Registration Includes The Following:

Online course access(discounted) AND 4 day in person workshop

Room & board for travelling students, lunch included

Hands on training for each technique

Handbook & manual for each module

Appropriation free information & training

Sample start up materials included! Partial funds go to qablas in Morocco who hand make the items!

Training Course Agenda (Modules)

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After Completing This Training You'll Learn:

Deep knowledge on the culture of Morocco & postpartum traditions from a Moroccan Native

Skills to offer an authentic & healing postpartum bath (hamam), womb steaming using specific products & herbs

An abundance of cooking recipes & videos to nourish new mothers (and your own families). Sample meals will be served during training!

Skills to offer closing of the bones using traditional cloths & belly binding. Students will have an opportunity to practice during training!

Real insight into the way the new mother is celebrated in Morocco & how to replicate that experience with your services

A unique & ancient set of holistic skills to add to your business, increase your income & impact more women

Certification as a Traditional Postpartum Birthworker, by Layla B & Foi en la Femme

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Once you register for the workshop, you will be emailed a link to enroll in the online course at a discounted rate of at 1/3 of the original price. You will then have immediate access to all of the modules for the online course and will have indefinite access to the membership site with all the content. You can take the part of the training at your own pace, at the comfort of your home, whenever you like. The information you obtain from the online course should be paried with the live workshop demonstrations in order for you to offer these postpartum services.

By attending this workshop, we will bring to life the theory you learn from the online course. By completing the online course and attending the live workshop, you can certify as a Traditional Postpartum Birth-worker by TNPS and start offering traditional postpartum doula services to new mothers in your community.You MUST enroll into the online course to be able to attend the workshop and receive materials or certification through TNPS Nafsa School Project! Students will not be able to attend the workshop without first enrolling into the online course and completing all payments for the workshop.

There are a range of different services you can offer which will be discussed during the live workshop.

The online training is based on 6 core modules, which consist of easy-to-follow videos (and audio), supporting documents, checklists and workbooks by Layla B. and demonstrations by traditional Moroccan qablas (midwives). All of the techniques will be demonstrated and practiced at the live workshop.

You will be able to connect with other TNPS students in our private FB group. You will have unlimited access to the members only page with all the training materials and any future updates.

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Whether you are already a postpartum doula, birthkeeper and/or a woman with a desire to delve deep into a mystical and healing world to support new mothers today, just as they were being supported many years ago, this is the place for you.

A traditional postpartum doula is different to a postpartum doula. She not only offers general support and care for the baby/mother; but supports the new mother by welcoming her, honouring her, nourishing her, nurturing her, closing her and celebrating her using ancient rituals and sacred wisdom. This course goes deep into the emotional and physical support for the new mother and explores the ancient healing medicine of Morocco through theoretical and practical modules.

You will have the esteemed role of being the traditional qabla (receiver) for the new mother and welcoming her on her new healing journey with love, compassion, nurture, nourishment and care.

This training will also serve as a mini retreat for birthworkers so we will start our mornings with yoga hosted by Troi Lauren, take tea breaks and wind down each day on the roof deck of our loft to unwind.

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We have a no-refund policy. The reason being is that part of the registration fee covers the venue space, food and materials shipped from Morocco. The information and materials are all very sacred, therefore we want to avoid anyone joining the course, taking the information they want, then claiming a refund & appropriating the knowledge.
For this reason, please make sure you want to join the course.

What you read, is what you will get and so much more!


No problem. You can pay via paypal.


That's great! I am certain that this course will definitely enhance and complement all you have amazing skills you already have.

The sacred information and knowledge we are sharing on The Nafsa Project School is advanced & has never been shared before.

This training will therefore only enhance your previous training, provide traditional healing ways to support new mothers, provide an extra ‘string to your bow’, and a new business opportunity to grow your business & serve more women.

The more training, skills and knowledge we have; the more we can serve and support women.


This course is for ALL women ready to serve and ready to learn! Women who want an international community and care about the women sharing this sacred wisdom.

Traditionally, all women had this knowledge passed on to them, whether they worked in the industry or not.

So, if you are a woman with an interest, a mother, a postpartum doula, doula, midwife, yoga teacher, herbalist, massage instructor, hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing instructor, childbirth educator, psychologist, massage giver, womb woman, fertility specialist or ANYTHING else… as long as you love women, want to support them holistically, respect the culture, want to connect with an international community and ready to be amazed, then this is the place for you.


Giving back is something that Layla B is very passionate about and this is at the forefront of what we do.

We always pay the women who teach us new things a very high wage for their services, along with getting their blessings, we also continue to provide donations to these women on an ongoing basis. We also sponsor girls with their education and order traditional cloths from the artisans directly and pay them more than what they ask.


Yes, you can choose our payment plan options below. If special arrangements are needed please send an email to info@foienlafemme.com.


The doula industry is not certified or regulated by any regulatory body, so all the trainings are the same, as you do not need to have any formal accreditation to be a doula and/or postpartum doula.

This course is created by Layla B., (and with knowledge of traditional midwives in Morocco) and certified by her business (not any formal body). It is based on sacred traditional knowledge and wisdom, therefor we are not seeking any 'formal' certification in any case.

The only reason why this course is 'certified' is because:
1. We want to avoid appropriation. Therefore we know everyone who is on the course and those who wish to serve women will follow the guidelines and be listed on our directory.
2. We want you to get the best support and to serve yourselves and your clients correctly, that is why you will have some case studies and reflections to do before you can start serving.
3. We always want to give back.
4. To keep getting continual support and updates from us.


You will then be featured on our online directory on our website and ready to offer paid services to women as a TNPS Traditional Postpartum Birthworker.

You will get your digital certificate and some marketing materials to use.

You will also be able to order (for money) your starter kit, which will include the products, wraps, cloths featured on the course, if you want it.

No re-certification fees and no time limit to certify.


Yes! Layla is a business mentor and has run several businesses and projects successfuly.

During the Q&A sessions you will be able to ask any questions you need support with. There is also a free bonus business building webinar.

Since This Is The 1St TNPS Training Workshop Helpd By Foi en la Femme in Florida, Students Will Have Special Price The Options Below

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The payment plan option above does not include the $597 for the mandatory online course.



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